Silver / 2019 / Nature / Earth

What May Come

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Kemachat Sirichanvimol
  • Credit
    Kemachat Sirichanvimol

What May Come explores through photography and research the intersection between modern human development and ecological change. Visually narrated through both factual and metaphorical representation of the modern landscape, the images in this project provides historical evidentiary proof of human factors at play, and present ecological calamities, while foretelling a foreboding future if we fail to recognize today’s risks and our collective responsibilities.

On the eve of completing his Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at the Savanah College of Art and Design, Kemachat Sirichanvimol recently exhibited his thesis show at the Garcia | Wilburn Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. With a passion for the eco-socialism, the environment, and a deep sense of empathy for communities that have been adversely affected by climate change, Kemachat has traveled and worked on What May Come for two years, and has produced a series of images that captures your visual attention while informing about complex social-ecological issues.