Silver / 2019 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Oak Solo

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced, Gold in Fine Art/Still Life, Silver in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Hilda Champion

The photographer created this image by taking 70 exposures as she walked a full circle around the tree. She then layered all the frames, one on top of the other, with varying degrees of opacity. As a result, the darker parts of the image represent a high number of pixels - pixels recurring in numerous layers -, whereas the lighter parts of the image represent pixels only occurring in a few frames. The accumulation of pixels thereby becomes a true two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional oak.

Hilda Champion is a German/American fine art photographer born near Munich, Germany. She has been living in Naples, Florida since 2001.

Her aspiration in photography is less about showing the world as it is, but rather to release the poetry of the ordinary and help people see the un-seen. She tries to show an abstraction of what she sees, free of distractions, and describes her images as “based on a true fantasy”.