Silver / 2019 / Fine Art / Architecture


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Katherine Young

The motivation for this series was to capture the ‘relationship’ between very different buildings. All structures pictured here are located in the City of London within a few meters from one another and provide office space for many of the City’s workers. Despite their common function, their form sets them apart. Each is made from different materials and exhibits very distinct shape showcasing their architects’ vision. The decision to include subtle streaks of light in the images is to make them more dynamic, bringing those buildings to life and enhancing the relationship between them.

Katherine Young is a fine art photographer currently based in London.

Her interest in photography started at an early age however it has only been in the last four years that Katherine took her hobby more seriously. As a self-taught photographer, Katherine began with travel photography, concentrating on urban landscapes and people, aiming to capture the essence of each of the places she has visited. Inspired by the contemporary architecture of Singapore, Katherine focused her attention on cityscapes and architecture, often using HDR photography to emphasise the vibrance and beauty of the city-state.

Katherine’s real passion is black-and-white photography as she feels that monochromatic images have a surreal and timeless quality which leaves a striking impact on the viewer. Without the distraction of colour, the photograph looks cleaner and reveals the very soul of the subject. Katherine believes that contemporary architecture with its straight lines, dramatic angles and polished surfaces, is particularly well suited to her style of photography and enables her to fully express her vision. She is fascinated by the way 'light illuminates and shadow defines' such structures and brings them to life.