Bronze / 2019 / Press / Other

Hunger and Thirst

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Other
  • Company
    Social Photographers
  • Photographer
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno
  • Credit
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno

Hunger, food insecurity, famine, deprivation and malnutrition threaten the lives of millions of people every day both in the developed and developing world. It is estimated that one in nine persons globally today, close to one billion, are undernourished.This is a visual documentary of people suffering hunger and thirst in different parts of the world. Beyond numbers, the images generate disconcert and perturbation, without renouncing to aesthetics and a sense of composition.Hunger and thirst are an anachronism of the 21st century that transcend established values and norms.

I am preparing a book of photography entitled “Streets of the World and their People”. I like to travel and encounter the world with its streets and its people, but the part that corresponds to my interest, my vision and philosophy of life. My photos are a look at someone's world, a journey into their space and their life; an attempt to build a story without affection, as part of a social commitment. Visual stories that intersect in the streets and in their plurality create a certain connection; a new sense. These images can be regard, a hand, a detail, a fixed temporality that captures move