Silver / 2019 / Press / Other

Occupying the City

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Other
  • Company
    Social Photographers
  • Photographer
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno
  • Credit
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno

The streets are representations of trajectories, people, objects and places that together they recreate their own cartography, often alternative.People live their life with courage and sometimes fear, but not with resignation. They walk the streets looking for an anticipated event that does not come and suddenly they just hear the noise of a shutter.Some pilgrim through the streets wanting to modify the how and the moment, trying to change that part of destiny that makes them appear and disappear by the extremities of time.

I am preparing a book of photography entitled “Streets of the World and their People”. I like to travel and encounter the world with its streets and its people, but the part that corresponds to my interest, my vision and philosophy of life. My photos are a look at someone's world, a journey into their space and their life; an attempt to build a story without affection, as part of a social commitment. Visual stories that intersect in the streets and in their plurality create a certain connection; a new sense. These images can be regard, a hand, a detail, a fixed temporality that captures move