Gold / 2019 / Press / Other

Free Yourself

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Other
  • Company
    Isabel Corthier Photographer
  • Photographer
    Isabel Corthier
  • Credit
    Isabel Corthier

“ Free Yourself” shows youngsters in the township Vrygrond in Cape Town, South Africa, born after apartheid. They grew up with hopeful anticipation for a better life than their parents. In reality, they are faced with a difficult situation in the township where unemployment, crime, and drug abuse is high.According to the principles of Mandela: “Free yourself - Free others - Serve Every Day” they are lifting themselves out of poverty. Through developing their talents they have become role models for the youngsters in their community and make a positive contribution to society.

“I am fascinated by people and especially by their strength to cope with difficult situations.  In my work, I like to highlight the power that humans can show in order to survive, and their creativity when options are limited. Due to this vision, my approach is often a positive one, even in the most extreme situations.”

Isabel Corthier is a documentary photographer who works internationally for humanitarian organisations like MSF, Caritas,... Her work is published in National Geographic NL, BBC, El Pais, De Volkskrant,...
Her work won several awards. Isabel is a Fujifilm X ambassador.