Silver / 2019 / Press / Travel/Tourism


  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Travel/Tourism
  • Company
    Agenzia Controluce/afp
  • Photographer
    antonio gibotta
  • Credit

On the occasion of Up Helly Aa, teams of about a thousand men, wrapped in a vast, wonderful range of Viking clothes, pour into the dark streets of the Shetland capital. At the stroke of 19.30 the ringing of the bells announces the beginning of the event: the torches are on fire, and the surprising, dazzling procession, winding half a mile aft of the Guizer Jarl, it lights up with pride. The Guizer, a metaphor for Viking prisons, will culminate with a sudden bonfire, fed by the thousands of torches thrown by squads.

Nato a Napoli, rappresentato dalla agenzia Controluce. Nel 2014 la National Geographic ha inserioto una fotografia nel libro "Stunning Photographs". Vincitore del POY ,World Press Photo, Magum Photography Awards, PDN PHOTO ANNUAL e 2°al SIPA AWARDS. Nel 2018 è al secondo posto della Sony Professional Competition e tra i cinque finalisti di W. Eugene Smith nella fotografia umanistica. Canon Ambassador