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Eyes of Hope

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/People/Personality
  • Photographer
    Renzo Grande
  • Credit
    Renzo Grande

According to the World Health Organization, more than half of the world’s blindness is due to Cataracts, clouding of the eye's natural lens. In Chad, the fifth largest country in Africa cataract is mainly caused by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, poor water quality, lack of sanitation and malnutrition.
Social isolation, educational disadvantage, and economic impact are some of the issues which affect people with vision impairment and also affect their families, friends, and community.
In 2018, a group of eye doctors traveled to the remote city of Mao to give free eye surgery to locals.

Renzo Grande is a photographer who focuses his passion and sensitivity to document daily street stories with a sense of perpetual iconic emotions.

Originally from Lima – Peru and currently based in New York City he started his visual documentation in 2010.

His work has been featured in Photo France, Los Angeles Times, Serie Oro Italia, Efsyn News Greece, United Nations UNDP Humanum, among others.