/ 2019 / Press / Feature Story


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Feature Story
  • Photographer
    Ottavia Fabbri
  • Credit
    Ottavia Fabbri

Native Monégasques are a minority of the coastal Mediterranean principality, which is the wealthiest, second-smallest, and most densely populated country in the world. Monégasques represent only 24% of the total population; foreigners of 140 different nationalities make up the majority. In fact, Monégasque nationality is difficult to obtain as it implies various rights and advantages unaccessible to simple Monaco residents. If it weren’t for their nationality, most of Monaco’s citizens wouldn’t be able to afford to live in their own country.

Ottavia is an Italian photographer who graduated from Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris in 2014, and from the International Center of Photography, in New York, in 2016.
Her interest in documenting Human Rights and the Environment pushed her to travel and base herself in Asia, where she worked for several media outlets covering news and documenting places such as Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, etc.
Her work has been published in different newspapers and magazines and exhibited in New York and Paris.
She is represented by the Italian photography agency LUZ.

Awards Px3 - Honorable mention 2017