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Espinar, broken Land

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Feature Story
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    Alessandro Cinque Fotografo
  • Photographer
    Alessandro Cinque
  • Credit
    Alessandro Cinque

Espinar is a small Peruvian town part of the southern mining corridor,that supplies 40% of copper national production.It contributes to transform Peru in the world’s 2° largest producer.In last 30 years mining became part of Espinar’s economy and it declined living conditions of indigenous:absence of water, pollution, malnutrition, high mortality rate.Although many reports underlined the pollution of the rivers and the presence danger of arsenic, lead, chromium and mercury in the blood of the locals,the State is ignoring the situation,abandoning locals for the mine who freely move in the aerea

This is Alessandro Cinque, an Italian freelance photojournalist. In 1988 I was born in Orvieto, Italy. Following my interest I dialed with reportage in addition to business photography, starting collaborations with NGOs (Emergency, Amnesty International) and traveling in different countries. Newspapers and magazines publish my photo features: MarieClaire, Corriere della Sera, Sette, Sunday Times, Libèration, Africa, Eastwest, Focus. In February 2017 I printed INCIPIT, my first book. In April I have been nominated Leica Ambassador. In 2018 I won an Award of Excellence at “POYi".

Awards 2019 - “CLOSER”
Winner of the “CLOSER” Award of Witness Journal

2018 - “Festival Fotografia Etica di Lodi”- Italy
Finalist a “Single Shot Award” and “Short Story Award” at “Festival Fotografia Etica di Lodi”- Italy

Award of Excellence

2018 -“MIFA AWARD”

2018 - “FIOF Italy – International Photo Award”
1° GOLD Winner

2017 - “Festival Fotografia Etica di Lodi”- Italy
Finalist a “Single Shot Award”

2017 - “MIFA AWARD”
Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention