/ 2019 / Portraiture / Children

Pictures of her

Aimée Hoving’s series portrays an eight-year old girl patiently posing for a photographer. But at the same time, it is a collaborative oeuvre between mother and daughter, sharing special moments. Aimée starts the process; her daughter interprets it and adds her personal touch.
A child, that is caught in different symbolic moments. Little girl stories we tell ourselves to be scared or comforted, stories of reflections, of mirrors, of projections. It’s a conversation: what the mother would like to see, what the girl is willing to share from her imaginary universe.

The Dutch photographer Aimée Hoving was born in 1978 in Belgium, before settling in Switzerland at an early age. Bridging two cultures – not really Dutch (she never lived there), nor really Swiss (she is not naturalized) – she carries in her a bit of both. Aimée studied at the ECAL and obtained a BA in visual communication with a specialization in photography. She has participated in several international group exhibitions, has been granted the Swiss Design Award, won the Leenards Foundation Award. Her pictures are found in private collections and in museums such as the Musée de l’Elysée.