Silver / 2019 / Portraiture / Family

The Miao Family of China

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Family
  • Photographer

Miao ethnic minority is the 5th biggest one among 56 nationalities in China.I created the project of The Miao Family of China in 2014. Until now, I have traveled five provinces and over 85 Miao villages, to document the Miao family in the different locations. The project is going to show you the customs and identities of Miao people, and the remains of traditional diverse culture of Miao minority nowadays.Under natural lighting, natural environment and with original status of the Miao people in the series,I wish to show the nature and reality of the nationality of the Miao.

HONGQI YE, Photographer of Portrait and Environment Portrait, living in Shanghai, China.

With the passion of art and photography starting from student age, became freelance photographer in 2012 after getting intensive courses about photography and art.

Starting from 2014, I focused on photographing humanistic narration. Chinese minority people and its traditional culture is the main subject that I am working on.