Bronze / 2019 / Nature / Trees


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Company
    Jones Photography
  • Photographer
    Tom D. Jones

The Benguela Current is a cold sea current originating from Antarctica and only finding its way north along the southwest coast of Africa. The formation of the Namibian deserts is the cause thereof. The cold barrier along the coast collides with the scorching heat of the mainland and the large solar radiation creates extensive cloud formation above the water. Only during cold nights, the clouds and sea fog can reach the deserts. The little moisture generated by the clouds and fog is still sufficient to enable a wide variety of life in the desert. However, this is not sufficient for everything.

In recent years, Tom D. Jones’ fine art photography has won a great many awards in large international competitions. Yet, the most striking one is the Hasselblad Master Award 2012. Worldwide this biennial exclusive photo happening stands for creativity, art and craftsmanship. Consequently, Tom D. Jones is the very first Belgian Hasselblad Master to join a list with famous names such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, Howard Shatz... etc. His work is characterised by clean compositions, light and depth, reflecting mainly infinite serenity and simplicity.