Silver / 2019 / Nature / Landscape

Desert Portraits

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Landscape
  • Company
    Anthony Lamb Photography
  • Photographer
    Anthony Lamb
  • Credit
    Anthony Lamb

I've been photographing the deserts of the UAE for over 5 years and in this time many of the locations I've visited have radically changed. Many of the trees and shrubs that once stood have their roots exposed to the sun or are buried by the ever changing windswept desert landscape. Unbearable summer heat mixed with almost freezing evening temperatures in the winter months, the consistent sandblasting strips the bark off the majority of young trees. These 'desert portraits' offer a glimpse in time of plant species fighting for survival in one of the worlds harshest environments.

From a family of creatives, Anthony was always motivated to pursue a career in the arts, he attended art college and studied furniture and product design at university. His interest in photography was a combination of a number influences; when he was very young he travelled to grand vista locations such as the Alps, the UK's Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland, so started to build an appreciation for large open spaces. But it wasn’t until backpacking in Australia in 2002, that he discovered a landscape photographer by the name of Peter Lik who captures huge panoramic photographic landscapes – ‘he opened my eyes to what was possible with a camera.” Anthony has been heavily inspired by clean design, simple landscape compositions, serene ethereal photography, symmetry and balance. So, it always made sense to him that when compiling a photographic composition, the image should be simplistic and uncluttered. “I’ve always tried to incorporate stillness, seclusion and silence in my work and these elements reflect back at the viewer, drawing your interest deeper into the soul.” He has in infatuation with water, so you will see this appearing in a lot of his photographs. He’s also interested in capturing less recognisable locations to add more intrigue to the photograph, making the image more personal.

​Anthony's intent is to produce photography that’s simple and easy to understand and by eliminating ‘noise’ by breaking the image into bite sized pieces. By using negative space in his photography, he intends to draw the eye into the main subject of the photograph. He loosely uses methods such as rule of thirds, leading lines, balance etc but aims to reduce the complexities of a subject to hold the viewers interest. This simplicity opens the door to self-interpretation and mood, similarly to that of abstract art and makes