Gold / 2019 / Nature / Domestic Animals

Equus: Light & Form

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Domestic Animals
  • Company
    Drew Doggett Photography
  • Photographer
    Drew Doggett

Through a fashion-inspired lens, "EQUUS: Light & Form" focuses on the distinctive characteristics of some of the world’s most elite hunter and jumper horses. Photographed to complement defining attributes like glistening coats, defined musculature, and immaculate braided manes and tails, these horses are delicately sculpted with light, appearing to be carved from stone. Each of these animals is a near-perfect example of their species; they remain unwaveringly confident and poised.

Drew Doggett has made a name for himself in the documentary and fine art world with his photography of some of the planet’s most unique and isolated indigenous cultures.

His 2009 solo trip to the isolated Himalayan area of Humla, Nepal, resulted in a book, Slow Road to China, and six gallery exhibitions in New York, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. Omo: Expressions of a People, a collection of photographs from Ethiopia, is the second of several expeditions Doggett has planned as part of this ten-year project.

Trained in fashion photography, Doggett creates images that capture a larger, perhaps classical, idea of beauty—one that speaks to worlds beyond the immediate context of his subjects. His photography of these traditional communities encourages Western viewers of all ages to draw links between seemingly disparate cultures. The interaction of landscape and human physicality is a particular focus of his work.

Since 2009, Doggett has incorporated a philanthropic element into his artistic pursuits with Art Cares. Thanks to this non-profit project, proceeds from the book and fine art prints of Slow Road to China have already funded all operations at a health center in rural Nepal for a year.

In 2012, the Omo collection was accepted into the Smithsonian African Art Museum’s photographic archives.