Silver / 2019 / Fine Art / Abstract

Sui Generis

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Anabela Maravilhas

Sui Generis - Latin meaning "of its own kind" or "of a single species". The chemigrams in the contest represent an idea of oneness, rarity and particularity of something or something. Images that are not intended to represent reality, but to present abstract images that are not figurative or "unconventional". Its uniqueness and peculiarity determines an abstraction, so the Sui generis was never seen or recorded, but is endowed with a particularity and peculiarity that is not comparable to anything else.

Lisbon, 1979

Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Portugal, Painting Degree, 2018.

Moderna University - Setúbal Complex, Portugal, Architecture Degree, 2004.

National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal, Formation on Nude Model Drawing and New Painting Techniques, 2012- 2013.