Gold / 2019 / Fine Art / Other

Working People

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Company
    Roman Jehanno
  • Photographer
    Roman Jehanno
  • Credit
    Roman Jehanno

This series of portraits sheds light on the esthetics of the XXIst century men and women in their working environment. This testimony about the knowledge and human savoir-faire in the world let us met all the beauty of those working women and men that strives to accomplish a lifetime duty.The project is composed of several collections focusing on a specific trade, location, or group of individuals linked by their activity.

Roman Jehanno is a French photographer born in 1986. Trained at the École des Gobelins and graduated in 2008, Roman develops his work around spectacular landscapes in which the human being hold the first role, such as his series Le Coeur des hommes à l'ouvrage. This series allowed him to win in 2014, the first prize of the Hasselblad Master, which rewarded his work. His personal photographic series (Le cœur de l'Homme à l'ouvrage, 1 hour 1 coffee 1 click, Parentheses, etc.) are in addition to those made for large internationally renowned companies.