Bronze / 2019 / Fine Art / People

A peak inside

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Ranjan Ramchandani

A nomad lady with her two children were inside their hut when I took this image through the window. it was later that we were invited into their home for a cup of tea where I made a series of other images.

Ranjan Ramchandani is a Singapore based award winning photographer and author, focusing on travel and wildlife. He runs regular expeditions and workshops across the world; Masai Mara, Kenya is a key focus. His coffee table book- “Swades” published in 2010, showcased the beauty of Ladakh, India.
He is an 'Olympus Visionary'- the Visionary Program is the company's official program for it's sponsored Proffessional photographers. Ranjan also works closely with the World Wildlife Fund on their ranger project and has photographed rangers in action in Cambodia and Mangolia.