Bronze / 2019 / Fine Art / Nudes


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Company
    2x Productions Llc
  • Photographer
    Michel Leroy
  • Credit
    Michel Leroy

The Alchemy series is an artistic collaboration between photographer Michel Leroy and a range of professional athletes with varying body types that explores the tension between identity and physicality through sculptural figurative images. With a deliberate effort to embrace diversity and build awareness beyond race, gender and age the photographer and athletes create a unique viewpoint with moments of balance, anticipation and personal strength. In this series the artist creates body-positive images that are vulnerable and explicit without sexual objectification.

Michel Leroy is a New York based entertainment and advertising photographer with a produced style that captures an authentic connection to real personalities. From celebrity chefs to olympic athletes, the images reveal a level of comfort and intimacy shared amongst friends.