Silver / 2019 / Fine Art / Collage


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer
    Medina Dugger
  • Credit
    Medina Dugger

Inspired by Muslim women in Lagos, 'Enshroud' reveals the veil primarily in an abstract sense, observing its forms, patterns, colors and contribution to identity, self- expression and style. Many women who wear hijab feel it is a matter of choice and choose to do so to preserve their modesty, privacy and out of respect for their culture and religion. In the West, the veil has also come to symbolize a position against islamophobia. Nigeria is comprised of a roughly half Muslim and half Christian population, rendering the hijab a very visible symbol of faith and tradition in Lagos.

Medina is an art photographer from California, based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2011. Through collage and photography, her work seeks to avoid the conventionally held, bleak perspective of Nigeria and Africa. Instead, she examines narratives both contemporary and timeless such as tradition, modernity, imagination, truth, identity, globalization, fashion, style, performance and space. Her photographic work has been featured in The Smithsonian Magazine, CNN Africa, Dazed, Refinery 29 among other publications and recently exhibited at the Investec Art Fair in Cape Town and Untitled in Miami.