Silver / 2019 / Book / Other


  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Other
  • Company
    Dereck Hard Photography
  • Photographer
    Matej Dereck Hard
  • Credit
    Dereck Hard

In all the worlds cities, there are the Streeties. Warmhearted creatures that have been living with us since time began. They're about the size of a squirrel or a mouse and although they may appear like animals, they wear clothing and speak our language. They hide from us and they have a good reason to... Streeties is hardcover fairyale book for childerns. This artist initially wrote the entire story before having a set of authentic figurines custom made which he then used in photoshoots for this book. The book was published by Mlada fronta one of the biggest publishing house in Czechia.

Matěj Dereck Hard was born in 1985, in the capital city of Czech Republic - Prague, where he currently resides and creates. Master of Fine Arts from the Institute of Creative Photography in Silesian University of Opava, Czechia. His artworks are a comprehensive series of styles based on pop art photography with a clear concept. He focuses on staged photography - mainly still lifes, self-portraits and photographs telling a story. He is interested in art form of photography, in which he does not hinder the joke. He often criticizes himself and the contemporary social problems.