Gold / 2019 / Book / Other

These Years Gone By...

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Other
  • Company
    Photography Mark Peterman
  • Photographer
    Mark Peterman
  • Credit
    Mark Peterman

These Years Gone By… is a love story told through my grandparents letters from World War II. Shortly after my grandmother’s death in 2008, my mother discovered over 300 letters that my grandparents had written to each other during World War II. They had been kept by my grandmother for over 60 years and inherited by my mother. The letters provided a new insight into the lives of my grandparents during this critical time in world history. From these letters, artifacts and family photos, I have woven together a narrative that tells the story of this challenging time in their personal history.

I'm an artist who explores narrative storytelling through photographs and multimedia using constructed realities that cross over into implied fiction. My work contains a graphic story-telling quality with a cinematic feel.