Gold / 2019 / Advertising / Self-Promotion

Bikes of Hanoi

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Self-Promotion, Silver in Portraiture/Other
  • Company
    Jon Enoch Photograpahy
  • Photographer
    Jon Enoch
  • Credit
    Jon Enoch

Vietnam has the highest number of motorbikes in all of South-East Asia and Hanoi officials have long talked about banning them to modernise the city. There are five million motorbikes for a population of seven million - and only half a million cars. I began to be fascinated by the drivers and deliveries. Seeing really unusual deliveries, like a huge pile of eggs, towering bags of ice or an bike overloaded with fish was so stunning. Mopeds are a way of life in South East Asia, the workhorse of the city, carrying a vast and unusual array of goods.