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Wet Plate Collodion: Rich

Wet plate collodion image of alt-country singer-songwriter Rich Webb.
Shot on a Svedofsky large format field camera on an 8x10” aluminium plate using the mid-1850s ‘tintype’ process. The plate is hand-coated with liquid collodion and submerged in silver nitrate. The sensitized plate is loaded into the camera for a single exposure and is immediately developed while still wet. Each shot takes 15-20 minutes to execute.
This image was used by Rich for the cover art of his single ‘Me and My Horse Trigger’, a song about nostalgia and people wanting to revisit an imagined simpler time in the past.

Commercial photographer who also practices Wet Plate Collodion photography.

Awards 2019 Silver Winner, Bronze Winner and an Honourable Mention – Tokyo International Foto Awards

2019 5x Highly Commended and 3x Honourable Mentions – Australian Photography Awards

2019 Honourable Mention – International Photography Awards

2019 Silver Winner – Prix de la Photographie Paris

2017 Featured in Capture Magazine ‘The Annual’ of the best photographers in Australia

2016 Double Finalist – Australian Photography Awards