Bronze / 2018 / Press / War

Orphans of Mosul

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/War, Gold in Press/Feature Story
  • Company
    Zuma Press, Inc.
  • Photographer
    Carol Guzy/ZUMA Press
  • Credit
    Picture Editor: Scott Mc Kiernan

The Battle of Mosul was started on October 16, 2016 and ended with a Decisive Allied (Iraq, USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey) Victory over ISIS aka Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Daesh. The battle was the world's single largest military operation in nearly 15 years, the largest since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. United Nations' humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, stated, "In a worst-case scenario, we're literally looking at the single largest humanitarian operation in the world in 2016." One Million+ Displaced, tens of thousands killed and injured. City of two million, lay raised and as the dust settled in 2017, scores were with out a voice, left orphan, scores of children, some who's parents were fighting for ISIS, others just victims of the cross fire.This reportage tries to give them a voice! LOOK them in the eyes and HEAR them speak: WHY? and what NOW they ASK...

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