Bronze / 2018 / Press / Travel/Tourism


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Travel/Tourism
  • Photographer
    Lucia Herrero
  • Credit
    I have been following the line of what I call “Antropología Fantástica”. In a documentary format I introduce a fantastic element that enlightens everyday life through the use of light, direction and the conceptual approach. In this case the fantastic element is the introduction of a character, Reindeer-Man, who acts as a thread for the story and as a catalyst for meeting people. My interest in social analysis is as important as research in the narrative. In each of my works there is an experimental approach to the documentary. This series is a long one with more than 100 pictures.

This series takes the form of road movie. Reindeer-Man’s search for his own identity is the impulse that drives him to take to the road. The action takes place in Norway and, through Reindeer-Man´s adventures, the viewer explores a social landscape, a document. At the same time, the narrative on this graphic novel opens space for fantasy. It is a real expedition where unknown people have stopped their daily activities to help create a fable and become interpreters of themselves. I give my images a cinematographic touch. My subjects become my actors, landscapes look like sets and an intriguing surrealism shapes the documentary into a strange fiction.The introduction of a fiction character makes real life shine with strangeness.Reindeer-Man, under his friendly figure, stealthily infiltrates in an everyday scene. He challenges the inertia of that context to reveal the invisible frames from which the common sense of the people is organized.