/ 2018 / Advertising / Music

Album Cover: This Version is No Longer Supported

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Music
  • Company
    Image Workshop
  • Photographer
    Sharon Blance

Creative concept, art direction, photography and retouching by Sharon Blance.

Double portrait of award-winning electronic music composers Matt Rankin and Vanessa
Nimmo, commissioned for the cover of their debut album "This Version is No Longer

Matt and Vanessa use sounds from retro technology – the whir of a rotary dial
telephone, clacking typewriter keys, dial-up modem bleeps, or the notes of an old Nokia
ringtone – and weave them into surreal soundscapes using sampling and computer

They wanted the album cover to “feature our faces and be dark and creepy, and if we
could somehow look like robots, that would be cool.”

To develop the concept, I drew inspiration from retro album covers of bands like
Kraftwerk, and science fiction tropes. Colour and lighting effects were captured
simultaneously in-camera using gelled studio lights and a digital projection of actual
musical computer code written by Matt.

Sharon grew up in Canada and has been creating pictures for as long as she can remember. Her first love was painting, but a school project to make a pinhole camera from a shoebox sparked a lifelong fascination with the captured image.

Originally trained in fine arts, she also has a sharp eye for the finer points of composition and design.

Sharon loves promotional and environmental portraiture, doing things in camera instead of in Photoshop, and bringing a sense of the surreal, the abstract or the absurd into her personal projects.

Sharon currently lives in Melbourne Australia where she works as a commercial photographer. A self-confessed sci-fi nerd, she loves retro space movies and prefers Star Trek over Star Wars.

Awards 2019 PX3 Pris de la Photographie Paris - Silver

2017 Australian Photography Awards - Finalist

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer