Bronze / 2018 / Advertising / Automotive

PORSCHE - Life Intensified

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Automotive
  • Photographer
    Florian W. Mueller
  • Credit
    Client: Porsche Asia Agency: Kemper Kommunikation Creative Director: David Schütte Location: Taipei, Taiwan Models: Porsche Macan S in „Riviera Blue“, „Lava Orange“, „Viper Green“ and „Ultra Violet“ Assistant: Christian Bacher DOP for Making of: Johannes Maierbacher, Caspic film Post Production: NPIXO

I had the chance and opportunity to shoot a campaign for Porsche Asia. The claim of the campaign was “Life Intensified” and the task was not only to shoot four colorful Porsche Macan S, but to find the proper locations for the fantastic vehicles in “Lava Orange”, “Viper Green”, “Riviera Blue” and “Ultra Violet”.

In times of an endless flood of images & greed for perfection I see the necessity to look into an entirely different direction: The images is not enough, it is the abstraction and the individual view oft he beholder, together they reach into and below the surface of customary patterns of conception.
The imagination of the viewer supplements what's absent; what thematically is not dissolved receives an invisible layer through the observer.
All about evocation of thoughts, associations, emotions