Bronze / 2018 / Portraiture / Culture

Truong Son

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Culture
  • Photographer
    Samantha Everton

Truong Son from "Indochine' series depicts a woman navigating the conflicting cultural pressures of the East and the West. Exuding visual luxury and vivid sensuality, the art works plunge the viewer into a colour-saturated dreamscape. The women captured are torn between the cultural values and expectations of their times and a deep interior struggling towards individuality. The series explores the encroachment of Western fashion within Asian cultures and the struggle for authenticity amidst contemporary influences. Indochine explores identity and how Western influences have intersected with Eastern traditions and values. It also touches on the methods available to women to express a changing cultural identity by altering their appearance. While such shifts are sometimes presumed to be a relatively new phenomenon, the artworks explore how this blending of Eastern and Western cultures has been happening perceptibly for centuries.

Samantha Everton is a photo-artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her photographs are endowed with curiosity, placing enchanting subjects in theatrical scenes that are full of colour with elements of whimsy. Samantha came late to photography, hers was an evolutionary process that started with her imagination, visions and images as she was running through the wheat fields in far north Queensland, as a child, as a sister from a large multicultural family, so unusual in remote, rural Australia.

Samantha’s work has been acquired by many private and public collections in Australia, including the University of Western Sydney, the University of Southern Queensland and the Alice Springs Art Gallery and recognition in the Moran contemporary Art Prize Highly Commended award 2009 and finalist 2010, 1st and 3rd place winner in the Paris Px3 awards, 2010/2014, 2011 British Journal of Photography new talent recognition. And Head on Photo festival 3rd place 2015.