/ 2018 / Nature / Underwater


I take a deep breathe and experience no gravity as I submerge in the
dense waters of Jupiter. Bull sharks swim all around me, beautiful and
graceful. I enter their world, a spectator to their splendor. 400 million
years of evolution, this top predator is essential to the health of marine
ecosystems. Being with them is a surreal dream, a peaceful meditation.

Aïa Mar holds two national records in Freediving for her country,
Panama. An explorer and award winning artist she uses her camera as
a tool to inspire people to care about the environment. Documenting
endangered biodiversity in their natural habitat, she translates her
experience into contemporary art creating a bridge between scientific
research and the public.

Location: Jupiter Florida, Gulf Stream
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus Leucas

Aîa Mar is an awarded artist, explorer and athlete.
A national record freediver for her country Panama.
Her art, installations & media projects focus on nature and the elements.
She collaborates with scientists and organizations to protect our planet
creating awareness for conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.