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  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Wedding, 1st Place winner in Portraiture
  • Photographer

Chill, coldness and emptiness. Struggling through and through a
wedding – a metaphor of a funeral. Terrifying sound of silence
between two pairs of eyes. Or is it uncertainty, fear and necessity?
Love is fleeting, nothing is eternal, even the tiniest consequence of a
wedding „I do“. Happy newlyweds are brought rings on a silver plate
and to those unhappy… a cream puff might be more appropriate.
Two people and two paths that meet and diverge again. Some will
cross each other, some will merge into one while others still pass each
other like everyday departures of buses from isolated stations.
Maybe these paths will meet again. At a different place and time.
What is important is to make the right decision so as even the
slightest piece of feeling was not buried.
(Series was taken by old Zenit camera, ORWO expired film - 1991)

He was born in 1992 in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic). He finished engineering study of the Faculty of Technology at the Tomas Bata University in Zlin.
At the beginning of his artistic career, from 2010, is devoted especially to analog photography. Later he continues with digital photography and he deal with black and white process of processing negatives and positives. After some time he returns back to analog photography and its classical processing. The basis for him is natural lighting, black and white film and Zenit.
Begins to form a staged photography with an emphasis on the concept and idea what is always an basic element of the whole set. The most frequent motive of his work is a woman in the middle of freezing atmosphere. In his works he often uses minimalism, metaphor, geometry and contrast along with film grain, on which based his manuscript.

Awards 2018 – International Photography Awards™ – Honorable Mention (category Deeper Perspective), series „EXISTENCE“, New York (USA)
2018 – International Photography Awards™ – Honorable Mention (category Deeper Perspective), series „ONE WEDDING, ONE FUNERAL“, New York (USA)
2018 – PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS – 1.prize (category Portrait), series „ONE WEDDING, ONE FUNERAL“, Paris (FR)
2017 – Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 – Honorable Mention (category Portrait), series „IN THE MIDDLE“, (INTERNATIONAL)
2016 – 22. CZECH PRESS PHOTO – Nominations for the 1st prize, category Art - series ONE WEDDING, ONE FUNERAL, Prague
2016 – Galavečer UTB 2016 – Special award for photographic work, Zlín
2015 – 21. CZECH PRESS PHOTO – Canon Junior Awards - series ŽÍTKOVÁ, Prague
2015 – 21. CZECH PRESS PHOTO – Canon Junior Awards - series DOLLS, Prague
2015 – Ohlédnutí 2014 – Laureate award, Uherské Hradiště
2012 – Ohlédnutí 2011 – Jury award, Uherské Hradiště