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Baltic Kite Wave Jam

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    Bronze in Press/Sports
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  • Photographer
    Mateusz Gorny

When I was a child, kitesurfing was like the first mobile phones. It was
a unique and fascinating for the most of people.
When I grew up and I could afford the purchase of equipment, I
started to practice this sport. Along the way I met many wonderful
people, because surfing is not just a sport, but also people. A small
group of these people decided to create a profession called Baltic Kite
Wave Jam - competition for weather forecast. Despite the fairly young
age, it is safe to say that this is a cult event for which all kite wave
surfers eagerly wait each year.
I wanted to show what the kitesurfing is.

Mateusz Gorny - photographer by passion.

The first camera as a child I received from my grandfather on "Christmas" which was like a bean seed. Waiting a few years to germinate, when I saved from spending money on the first digital compact Pentax. The ability to see immediately the results of working together with a course photograph, which was then attached to the magazine National Geographic, awakened my curiosity and desire to experiment more and more with photography.

A year later, I took the first place in the category of "Joy" in the first edition of the polish Grand Photo Competition by National Geographic. As a reward I got the first digital SLR camera, which was beyond my reach - Nikon D70s. Thanks to believe in themselves and simply disappeared in photography for good.

Since then, events have passed more than 10 years. I try to appreciate everything that catches my attention in a way that will interest and interest. My photography is dominated by a passion to the water.

Awards Main Photo Awards:

2005 - First place in the category of "Joy" in the first edition of the Grand National Geographic Photo Contest

2007 - First place in the category of 'Young Trainees Having Fun' and the best picture contest Annual Photographic Competition organized by Sail Training International

2007 - Second place in the category 'Wolves Marine and Land Rats' and prizes in the International Competition PHOTO SAILS organized by the Szczecin Photographic Society

2007 - Distinction in the competition "Woman free, independent woman ..." organized by the Warsaw School of Photography under the auspices of Newsweek and Bayer Health Care

2011 - I place in the "Years of seafarer" organized by Teekay Shipping

2012 - First place in the competition "The Sea" organized by GTTF

2017 – II place in the category “Architecture: Industrail” and five Honorable Mentions in the “International Photographer of the Year Award” organized by IPOTY

2017 - II Honorable Mentions in the "Natural Density Awards" organized by ND Awards

2017 - I place in the OSM Photo Competition 2017

2017 - Honorable Mention in the XIII edition of the Grand National Geographic Poland Photo Contest

2018 - III place in category "Press" for the entry entitled, "Baltic Kite Wave Jam" in PX3

2018 - II place in category "Editorial / Sports" for the entry entitled, "Baltic Kite Wave Jam" in IPA, International Photography Awards