Gold / 2018 / Portraiture / Children


  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Children
  • Company
    Aim2supportu Bvba
  • Photographer
    Miranda Schmitz
  • Credit
    All legal requirements are ok

In this quirky but poetic photo series about the turbulent puberty period, I pull the contemporary youngsters out of their digitized world and look further than their ever upbeat image they display on social media. My starting point is that teenage years are always an emotionally bittersweet period, regardless of the times in which you grow up. You are both child and adult sharing the same body, wrestling with your identity and your place in the world.

Miranda Schmitz studied Economics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In daily life she works as an independent Interim Manager and Consultant.
Nevertheless she also caught the photography bug. In 2017 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts. In addition she followed several master classes by well-known photographer.
Miranda Schmitz strives to compile atmospheres, moods and feelings in her work. She prefers to use suggestive and ambiguous images that are often layered and which viewers may define themselves.It is the emotions a the visual poetry that provide an extra layer to her images.