Silver / 2018 / Nature / Earth

Winter At Tungnaá

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Flying over Iceland is always an experience, especially during this flight. About half way through we flew over this area - deep in the Icelandic highlands. The fog down below kept the landscape hidden until suddenly everything cleared up. My jaw dropped when the endless braided rivers and snowy mountains appeared below us.

My name is Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove and I’m a self-taught photographer that is mainly focussing on landscape photography. In addition I also cherish a not-so-secret love for Iceland – the ideal combination.

I found my passion for photography very early on when I found an analog Canon SLR in our attic at the age of 10. I was immediately fascinated by using this analog beauty, which I still have in my possession today. For a reason that is not really clear to me I lost track of this fascination. It took me until 2013 until I started actually exploring the photography world further by buying myself a DSLR. After discovering the beauty that is Iceland I found a new passion for landscape and nature photography, which I still chase today. Everything I know and do in the photography world is what I taught myself by reading and/or just trying in the field.

In 2016 I moved to Iceland, where I’m now working in the tourism industry. I’m also guiding and guiding photo tours in Iceland.