Bronze / 2018 / Nature / Wildlife


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer

A project on the mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.In the jungle of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo I found the subjects for my project. They are the mountain gorillas of the Humba and Nakamwe families.My images are portraits of a critically endangered species under constant threat by the forces of nature and humans alike in a country known for chaos, corruption and brutality.I photograph these gorillas with the hope the viewer will connect with the intelligence, personality and dignity of these amazing animals and will be inspired to help protect them and their habitat.

I’m an amateur photographer of wildlife. I've been taking pictures since 2015, when I picked up my first camera.

Since then photography has become a passion and a large part of my life. I now spend several months a year in Tanzania and the Congo photographing wildlife.