/ 2018 / Nature / Seasons

Moon Serenade

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Seasons
  • Company
    Doris Ferrarese Photography
  • Photographer
    Doris Ferrarese

After days of heavy rain, was blessed by a moon swept serenade.

In the last few years, Doris and her Nikon D810 have been travelling the wilds solo; sidestepping up the tallest dunes in North America, hiking 211 miles with a final step atop the tallest peak in the lower 48, hiking every marked and unmarked trail around a live volcano, climbing over fallen trees through ethereal gorges, and rolling out of her truck at four in the morning, in icy temperatures, to hike to the top of a lookout for that breathtaking sunrise.

Life took a dramatic twist in 2014, and is now empowering Doris to pursue full-tilt - life as a Professional Landscape Photographer.

Awards 2018 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
Gold - Non Professional Nature Seasons Category

2018 PPA IPC
Image #1 - Loan Collection
Image #2 - Merit
Image #3 - Merit

2018 PPOC Salon
Image #1 - Merit
Image #2 - Merit

2018 PPOC Accreditation
Fine Art

2017 Black and White Spider
Winner's Circle

2017 IPA
10 Honorable Mentions

2017 PPA - Bronze Medallion
Image #1 - Merit
Image #2 - Merit
Image #3 - Merit
Image #4 - Merit

2017 PPOC Salon
Image #1 - Merit
Image #2 - Merit
Image #3 - Merit
Image #4 - Acceptance

2016 PPOC Accreditation
Landscape Photography