Silver / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract

No. 3 Slip

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Mark Gorton

Built in 1838, the immense No. 3 Covered Slip at The Historic Dockyard Chatham was, when built, the largest wide span timber structure in Europe. Today it is home to a vast array of epic objects and vehicles from both the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive collections. No.3 Slip stands at the cusp of technological change, its amazing cantilever roof was built to the design of shipwright Sir Robert Seppings.

Mark Gorton is a practicing architect and internationally published photographer who splits his time between both passions. Mark's photographic work is largely focused on architecture and construction but also explores both the abstract and people alike.