Silver / 2018 / Press / Other_PJ

Sesame Street

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Other
  • Company
    Russian Union Of Photographers
  • Photographer
    Stanislav Sitnikov

Little stories of the big city. Portraits of the people living in New York. I make street portraits of people in their everyday life, on city streets. Stopping constantly changing city life in the shots, I try to show simple stories of which there is megalopolis life. The submitted photos are a part of a big documentary series of works about New York. New York. 2017

Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia.
Winner and participant of The Best of Russia in 2010 and The Best of Russia 2011.
Winner of Best Photographer 2011.
Winner of Silver Camera 2012
- exhibition RUS-ART PHOTO 2013
- exhibition Young Photographers Russia 2013

In 2013 he completed an internship in Germany, in Dusseldorf (September-October).
17.10.2013 - 27.10.2013 - Exhibition in Dusseldorf.

-exhibition Silver Camera 2013.
-exhibition Silver Camera 2014.
-exhibition Young photographers of Russia in 2014
-exhibition PCA SALON Grand Exhibition 2015