/ 2018 / Press / Performing Arts

Flour Dancing

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Performing Arts
  • Photographer
    Robin Gallant
  • Credit
    Robin Gallant with Tim Walter.

This project is a study of dancers dancing in flour. It was done in
collaboration with Tim Walter and the dancers.

I love dance and dance photography. I love to capture movement. A moment in time that expresses talent, spirit, emotion, (beauty and joy). An image created to be enjoyed over and over again.

I view my work as collaboration between the dancers, the camera and myself. Although I go into the shoot with an idea or ask the dancers to, our work takes on a life and synergy of it’s own. I want the emotion and energy that is in the room, to be reflected in our photograph.

I hope that the viewer will see the image and be inspired by it.