Bronze / 2018 / Press / General News


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/General News
  • Photographer
    Mauro De Bettio

Is called Daulatdia, the largest brothels in the world. Beautiful and colorful blooming trees surround what looks like a small town, but actually is a prison without a way out. A gigantic trap with over two thousand shacks, each housing a prostitute. They call them “sex workers” and every day they momentarily satiate the ardor of about three thousand men. The average age of newly arriving sex workers is 14 years old, meaning some are even younger, and they earn about two, three or four dollars at a time, depending on the man's satisfaction. Sometimes the man thinks the woman is not worth paying anything at all. On the skin the indelible marks of violent clients- bruises, cuts and burns. Inside their small tin sheds, they alleviate the solitude of tourists, sailors, longshoremen and myriads of deadbeat of all kinds.

Born and raised in a little village in the Italian Alps, now based in Barcelona, Mauro already felt from young age the desire to tell. He discovered that the camera was the right tool for him, the eye through which he could speak to the world. An instrument that began to walk by his side towards a long journey of discovery. Definitely, to grow by himself, without the influence of schools, courses and lessons has slowed down the process of technical knowledge, but because of this he learned his own way of seeing and been formed and shaped by the environment and the people who surrounded him in his long travels.
“Although it is difficult to express, I think that the photograph represents my way of speaking and what I try to do through my language is to capture the sense of what I breathe and touch with my hands. Not only in appearance but also, and especially, in the essence; trying to express nuances and subtleties contained in a single frame. I think that’s part of my personality and my work fully expresses what I am. My story, my soul”.
“Photography is a fantastic storytelling medium. Just ask yourself what story you want to tell and photography can bring you there”.