Silver / 2018 / Book / Nature

Riss in der Zeit

  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Documentary, Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Nature
  • Company
  • Photographer
    EMILBLAU / Martin Geyer

A journey to the places of the Frist World War in France in Belgium became a documentary about the human interventions in nature. 4 Years of war still determined 100 years later the surface and ground of the red line zone in East France and Belgium.

EMILBLAU/Martin Geyer: Architect, Photographer, Author. Born in Germany in 1983, I studied in Berlin and now, since 2011, live in Zurich after stops in Australia and Barcelona. In addition to my full-time job as an architect, I have produced photographic orders in the architectural and portrait sector for different customers. Every year I focus on new, independent projects. Historical topics (f.e. Frist World War, Berlin Wall) and current issues like social and urban upheavals are my main focus. At the moment I am working on my next exhibition on the landscapes of the First World War and writing a travel book about Brazil. I present my work at