Gold / 2018 / Advertising / Architecture

Entering the scene of one’s own life

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Merja Varkemaa

Through these images I wish to illustrate my vision of the individual in a big city or in life in general. Belonging, but yet detached. Having one’s view of the world. Walking with the others or just by oneself, partly there, but somewhere else at the same time. Involved and absent, with a sense of longing and in the pursuit of the undefined. Like an actor entering the scene of one’s own life. Showing life to the letter or enhancing it by the play of shadows and light and reflection? The reality or a story told? Or just that intangible inner feeling? My images are of that very moment.

Merja Varkemaa is originally from Finland but has been living in Paris for over 20 years. She has a Master of Arts degree in Translation studies in English, French and Swedish. Her interest in photography started during her travels and after many years of relocation in Paris, grew into a passion for street photography. Merja's fine art street photography is based on her pursuit of light and shadows, using both their contrast and complementarity to enhance the beauty of passing moments. She also enjoys capturing the simplicity of a spontaneous instant in her environmental portraits.