3rd Place / 2018 / Book /

Lost Takes

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Documentary, 3rd Place winner in Book (Series Only)
  • Company
    Tobias Bijl Fotografie
  • Photographer
    Tobias Bijl

Lost Takes is about the notorious roll of film, which returned on 24 July 1995 in The Netherlands. During the fall of the enclave of Srebrenica in former Yugoslavia, Dutchbat lieutenant J.H.A Rutten took pictures of the evacuation of Bosnian Muslim civilians. When the revealing roll of film was returned to the Netherlands the film was destroyed. Was it bad luck or did this important, tangible evidence of what happened have to disappear from the public eye?The project and book had several publications and nominations, for example The Anamorphosis Prize (US), GUP New Dutch Photographt Talent 2018, FOTODOK Book Club #13 (w/ Bieke Depoorter and Ad van Denderen) and winner of the Best Dutch Book Design 2017.Watch this video to see the complete book: https://vimeo.com/223642844