3rd Place / 2018 / Fine Art /

Appleby Mud Portraits

  • Prize
    3rd Place winner in Fine Art, Gold in Fine Art/People
  • Company
    Tim Fisher Photograpjy
  • Photographer
    Tim Fisher

Annually, in the first week in June, Europe's largest horse fair takes place in Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, not far from the Scottish / English border.Tim stood and knelt in the quagmire that had been the show ground to better photograph the Traveller and Gypsy children who dress up for the occasion, foregoing the more classic documentary approach, Tim has focussed on the children for this series, using a single studio flash, lifting & separating the children from the back ground adding impact through the vibrant colours.This also has the advantage of taking the images slightly out of the real world and adds a playful and almost pantomime twist, especially with an element of the children dressing as adults, since this subject is often shot in a very serious manner, so Tim approached the project in a more light hearted manner.