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EXODUS / Rohingya in Bangladesh

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Book Cover, Silver in Book (Series Only)/Documentary, Gold in Book (Series Only)/People, Silver in Book (Series Only)/Monograph, 2nd Place winner in Book (Series Only)
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    Erberto Zani, Italy
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Exodus shows the arrive in Bangladesh of thousands Rohingya refugees, their sufferings, and also their situation inside huge camps of Balokhali and Thangkhali. Rohingya's story is another genocide of our time, with few concrete international actions to stop the violence. They are a Muslim minority living in north Rakhine region, a small state of Myanmar, were denied citizenship by a law enacted by its military government, so reducing their status to that of a stateless group. They were denied the right to own land or property and exposed them also to forced labour and routine violence, as rape and killings. Soldiers wants the complete control of entire country's land for new forms of economies, mining, timber, geothermal energy, with new international partnership. Since 2017 more than 800,000 Rohingya crossed the border with Bangladesh. This is not an event from the past. It's happening.

Erberto Zani (Italy, 1978) is a documentary photographer, journalist and photo books designer, based between Parma (Italy) and Basel (Switzerland). Since 1998 he worked as photographer in advertisement sector. Freelance since 2008, most of his works are focused on documentary-humanitarian themes. He cooperates with companies, magazines and No Profit Organizations, for photographs and editorial projects.

Awards 2018
Monochrome Photography Awards: 2nd place category "Abstract"
Chromatic Photography Awards: 1st Place "Street" category with Leathers drying.
IPA - International Photography Awards: 2nd place, category "Event / Social cause" for Rohingya's exodus.
Monochrome Photography Awards: 1st and 2nd place, category "Photojournalism"
IPA - International Photography Awards: 2nd place, category Book Documentary for "Black World"
PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris: Gold medal in Professional Book Documentary and Bronze medal in Professional Book People