Bronze / 2018 / Fine Art / Nudes

Freedom of water

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Company
    Marika Pentikainen Photography
  • Photographer
    Marika Pentikainen

I have always been interested of the human mind and the freedom that the mind can offer and give you. Photography is a tool for me to express the minds visual escort. I am intrigued by the diversity of the human mind, which includes the darker tones of life ( wretchedness and genuineness of life) as well as the lighter tones (happiness, kindness and love). I love the thought of the person being as they are, physical and psychic creature. Creation of nature.

...I was born in Finland in the late seventies, to the glow of gaudy tapestry, surrounded by snow. I did my growing up in a small town called Jyvaskyla and I grew up some more in Helsinki, the capital.

Nowadays I'm living in Seattle...

In photography I'm motivated by expressing the diversity of emotions. For me photography is wordless, creative, passionate communication of humanity and different perceptions of art.

I am inspired by people and especially the "invicible" ones. Human destinies, relationships, emotional tension between people, feeling of danger and threat and on the other hand sensuality, love, friendship, family, nurturing and caring. Also objects, details, nature, different forms, like reflections and shadows, buildings, the world of music and theatre, clothes, especially vintage, and the ruggedness of life, are things I want to portray in my photos.

My passion is to experience and feel life in two different ways. One is surreal and abstract the other is to express life in as real and honest way as possible.