Silver / 2018 / Fine Art / Nudes

BOSMA 2018 Calendar

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Lukasz Malczewski, POLAND
  • Credit
    Lukasz Malczewski

2018 Calendar for Bosma Co specialize in automotive light sources

Lukasz Malczewski was born and raised in the Polish capital of photography Lodz, where he took his degree in graphics design.
His passionate attitude to photography made him moved to London in order to expend his knowledge and study photography.
After a few years of residency in the UK he returned to his homeland where he fully dedicated himself as a freelance photographer.
Since than Lukas performs primarily commercial projects and is responsible for production of campaigns and catalogs for diverse international companies.
Additionally to his performance as a photographer, he is an author of several publications regarding the art of nude photography, like the recent series of article for Nikon Poland "I am the act of courage".
Images snapped by Lukas above all are fashion, people, portraits photography and artistic nude photography. Lukas mastered the art of photography, that’s proofed by numerous international photography awards he is winning every year all over the world.
Lukas holds workshops and trainings courses in beauty, fashion and people photography field. He puts a special attention on how to master the language of light and its behavior, how to learn to see it, move it, bend it and most importantly control it, while creating outstanding images. Lukas motto and understanding of photography goes far beyond the studio setup; it’s all about the model seen as a person:
“ We must remember that we are photographing a living being, that has feelings. I think that the most important element in the process is an ability to create an appropriate atmosphere, the good mood, that extract our emotions, that you can see and feel in the image and unfold what we want to convey, making our picture special.”