1st Place / 2018 / Press /

Face of Climate Change

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Nature/Environmental, 1st Place winner in Press
  • Company
    Zuma Press, Inc.
  • Photographer
    Paul Nicklen/SeaLegacy/ZUMA Press

December, 2017 - Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada - Starving large adult male polar bear, looking for some food, any food and likely died shortly after. The soul-crushing encounter of a male desperately trying to satisfy his hunger by chewing on a snowmobile seat after rummaging through a bin. During summer the bears can go for several months without eating while they wait for the Arctic Ice to solidify but because the ice is freezing later and melting earlier, their fasting period is prolonged. Without ice, there are no seals, the mains source of food for polar bears. The emaciated polar bear struggled to find food. He is the sad true face of climate change.

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