Bronze / 2018 / Book / Other_B

GOLDEN MOMENTS — A Tribute to An Engineering Masterpiece

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Other
  • Company
    Pelican Foto
  • Photographer
    Fred W. Gillaspy

GOLDEN MOMENTSEver since I first had a camera in my hands, I've had an overwhelming fascination with The Golden Gate Bridge. This book is a visual chronology that tells the story of my obsession with one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. In spite of the ubiquity of such photos shot by thousands, my aim in telling my own exclusive story is with images of the bridge that have been shot over a period of more than five decades, all from different perspectives — above, on top of, close-up and from a distance — all as my personal message of affection and respect for an engineering marvel.

Fred W. Gillaspy has been a photographer and fine art printmaker for years. His work has been exhibited at numerous galleries, winning photo competitions throughout the United States and abroad. Fred constantly seeks to discover unique visual stories to tell, with new views, angles, colors and details of every subject he shoots or writes about — whether it’s the people, places or the objects that abound in every fascinating corner of the world.