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Earth or Mars?

On Earth Sphynx cats are considered to be Martians. But the irony
of fate is, on Mars my kitten would be one of the few things still
reminding me of Earth. And this small patch of perfect green grass

Ukrainian-born, Swiss-based photographer, Julia Wimmerlin weathered seismic shifts in her artistic journey from travel to contemporary mixed-media. The 2021 travel ban amid COVID-19 and the 2022 war in Ukraine profoundly impacted her, leading to a metamorphosis in her photographic approach. Delving into contemporary fine art photography, she's embarked on an exploration of longer-term research projects, seeking to comprehend the unfolding events around her and her evolving role within them.

Awards 2024
• Longlist artist for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 in Photography category
• Tokyo International Photo Awards, Silver, Professional People/Family, series "LOVE. My family"
• ND Awards, Silver, Professional, Fine Art/Nude, series "Transcending Familiarity"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Gold, Professional, Fine Art/Nude, series "Transcending Familiarity"; Bronze, Professional, Portraiture/Family, series "LOVE. My family"
• The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts: 2d place Conceptual, photo "Birth" (from "Fresco" series); 2d place Nature/Science/Animals, photo "Connection"; 3d place People/Portraits, photo "Layers and Meanings"
• Moscow International Photo Awards, Photographer of the Year, series "Fresco"
• Siena International Photo Awards, Remarkable Artwork, Journeys and Adventures, photo "Glassfish"
• Tokyo International Photo Awards, 1st Place, Fine Art, series "Fresco"
• Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist, Natural World and Wildlife, Open competition, photo "Connection"
• Trierenberg Super Circuit, Silver, Experimental photography, photo "Joy of Rain"

• International Photography Awards, 1st place, One Shot: Harmony, Enhanced, photo "Internal conversation"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Silver, Portraiture/Self-Portrait, series "I don't cook but who cares?"
• Prix de la Photographie Paris, Gold, Portraiture/Other, photo "Earth or Mars?"
• Trierenberg Super Circuit, Gold, Self-Portrait, photo "Redhead"